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Welcome to Simple Food Healthy Life. I am a twenty-something, married, dog mom, law degree holding, licensed attorney. Like so many others, I have found myself unemployed since graduating law school. Simple Food Healthy Life started as an escape from law school and has grown into my passion: the world of cooking and baking healthy foods and not-so-healthy desserts, and sharing with you my musings on food education, law and policy.

Over the past year I have transformed my exercise patterns, diet, and thoughts about the food I consume. While I don't follow any one school of thought, I do eat primarily vegetarian, organic foods. I'll throw meat into my diet a few times a month and almost always finish my night off with dessert in some form. I ran my first half marathon in May 2011 and include the gym in my daily routine.

I believe in food as a powerful connector of people and as a means to transform one's own health and happiness. It is in the kitchen and over meals that we connect with families and loved ones, joining together to create something that can be enjoyed by all. I believe that food education and awareness are the means to halting the rapidly growing obesity epidemic in the US and food justice should be a central topic of discussion in our world.

I am located in Stamford, Connecticut, right outside of New York City. I am a contributor for Honest Cooking Magazine and a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher. As always, feel free to join the conversation by subscribing to our feed below, liking Simple Food Healthy Life on Facebook, or tweeting with us @smplfdhlthylfe.


Thanks for following along,

 Ashley Barnett Gaudiano