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Ice cream, gelato, and sorbet oh my!

Meet the hubby. Hard at work in the kitchen.


 A frequent source of disagreement between us is that of naming and gender-fying  inaninimate objects. He does it naturally. That ship is a "she." "She" has a "name." Well my answer to that is, "it's an inanimate object. IT does not have a name. IT is not a he or a she."


Well turns out, he has rubbed off on me. We were heading home from Sur La Table after purchasing this ice cream maker. A product I had been dying to have for months and thanks to our friends Tricia and Craig, we finally got it. Anywho. We were driving home and J asked me what I was thinking about. I quickly responded, denying any thought process in my head. A few moments later, giggling and unable to deny it any longer, I burst out with "I was trying to come up with a name for my new ice cream maker. I am thinking Arty." Now while you may not find this humorous, and maybe it is one of those - had to be there moments - it was a milestone for us. I officially sucumbed to providing inanimate objects with not only genders, but also names.


So ladies and gents, meet Arty, HE is fabulous, hard working, a bit icy at times but an all around stand up guy and man oh man does he make a mean ice cream, gelato and sorbet.



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