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Fitness Magazine Fitterati Nominee

Hi SFHL readers,

I have been nominated for Fitness Magazine's Fitterati Blog Awards in the Healthy Eating blog category. There are some fabulous bloggers in this category  and I'm honored to be in the running for this award. Make sure to check out my blog and all the other blogs out there. Voting ends April 9 so if you would take just a minute to vote for Simple Food Healthy Life, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you,


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Valentine's Day Blogger Love

 Happy Valentine's Day Simple Food Healthy Life followers. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and takes a moment to tell your friends and family how much they are loved! I'll keep things short and sweet today and leave you not with a recipe, but instead a list of (just a few) blogs I love.  And if you have a must-read blog, feel free to show them some love and leave a comment below.

A Thought for Food: The creativity seen on A Thought for Food is superb. Blogger Brian takes ingredients that most have eithernever experimented with or never thought to combine and creates wonderfully simple recipes. In addition to unique recipes like this Beet and Quinoa Tabouli, Brian also features some spot-on "How To" posts on cooking techniques.

Brown Eyed Baker: A go-to site for all your baking woes. The Brown Eyed Baker features plenty of creative, easy-to-duplicate recipes.

Chasing Delicious: Food-crazed writer, recipe developer, photographer, and editor, Russell van Kraayenburg hosts a beautiful blog filled to the brim with tasty and relatively simplistic recipes.

Eats Well With Others: Blogger Joanne is an MD/PhD student who whips up some creative and predominantly healthy recipes. Take her latest post, a Mango and Black Bean Casserole. If that doesn't make you want to check out her site, well, then I'm not sure what will.

Enjoying the Small Things: Kelle Hampton writes the story of her life, sharing with the world the trials and tribulations of being a parent to two children, one with Downs Syndrome. Her writing is nothing short of beautiful, profound and awe-inspiring.

MK in Wonderland: A self-described " late-twenty something that is Super(-ish)mom by day and Stressed Out Graduate Student by night" never fails to put her true feelings out there. Her blog is host to commentary on her life as a mom and young woman. Reading her blog is something akin to taking a breath of fresh air and having your best friend provide you with a reality check. Something we all need a daily dose of.

Pink Parlsey: Josie's blog bursts with pink. Don't let this deter you. Keep on scrolling down and you will find some fabulous recipes, a healthy combination of good-for-you main dishes, tasty desserts, and the occasional recipe perfect for over indulging.

The Parsley Thief: Crafts, food, family, life and other unrelated musings make up this aesthetically pleasing, down-to-earth blogger's website.

And some other favorites:

Agricultural Law

Baked Bree

Bella Eats

Bella Nutella

Beyond the Plate

Cafe Terra


Food Politics

Healthy Delicious

Jason Foscolo LLC

The Lean Green Bean Blog

Lisa's Kitchen

Living in the Kitchen with Puppies

OmNom Connecticut

Smitten Kitchen

Veggie Belly

Young House Love


Week 3 of SFHL52: Cook at Home

For some, cooking is a daunting, terrifying experience. Maybe you aren't sure where to start or what to cook. Or maybe you have children and spouses who are picky eaters. Others claim time, or the lack thereof, as the reason for not cooking meals at home. I understand; some nights, cooking a meal is just too overwhelming. Sometimes I am too tired or I'm not in the mood for anything I have in the refrigerator or cupboards. There are nights when what I want to eat is completely different from what my spouse wants to eat. There is always a reason, or an excuse, why you shouldn't cook dinner. Why eating out, or pouring yourself a bowl of cereal, are far easier things to do. That's why this week's challenge is all about cooking at home. There are thousands of recipes out there, on my blog, on other blogs, in cookbooks, the newspaper, and on the back of food products. Nobody said cooking at home had to be an elaborate affair. Take this week and try cooking. Make easy dishes, use a crockpot, have salad, cook some chicken, freeze soup. I always have a few meals that I have cooked and subsquently frozen available for a night where I just don't feel like cooking. I also always have the makings for a salad available. These things make my life easier when it's time to cook dinner. I know some people who plan out their meals, go grocery shopping on the weekend or one week night, and cook exactly what they have planned out. If that's the type of person you are, give yourself the time to plan and shop. Most nights, I don't spend more than 30 minutes cooking dinner. It doesn't take a lot of time, it just takes some strategic planning and a bit of confidence.

So for Week 3, check out some of my favorite blogs below. There are some wonderful (and easy) recipes on those sites. Go to your local library and check out a cookbook. Starting this week, I am offering meal planning services - for free. Contact me via email to discuss food likes and dislikes, family size, and dietary restrictions. I will provide a grocery list and 5 days worth of meals for you to cook for you and your family. Don't forget to check back tomorrow and link up with us for some great whole grain recipes from Week 2.

Budget Bytes: This blogger provides a breakdown of price per serving for the recipes she makes

Closet Cooking: Blogger Kevin has some fabulous recipes (and great pictures) ranging from beginner to advanced.

Green Kitchen Stories: Great recipes for the vegetarian chef.

Kumquat: A healthy mix of main dishes and desserts.

Sprouted Kitchen: An easy to browse side bar makes finding recipes by ingredients simple and fast.

The Kitchen Sink: Beautiful recipes for people from all walks of life.

The Parsley Thief: Some wonderfully unique recipes by a mother of boys.

Honest Cooking

Food Buzz

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