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Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge Weeks One and Two Wrap-up

It has been two weeks of the Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge and while I didn't update last week, here is my two week wrapup. What I eat for lunch goes in waves. Meaning, I'll consistently eat the same thing for 2 or 3 days and then I'll be tired of it and I'll switch it up for another 2-3 days. With this challenge, I have really been trying to vary what I eat. It is so easy to get in a lunch slump and then it's no wonder we eat out. All of a sudden, the Jimmy John's sub sounds way better than todays (and yesterdays and the day before's) peanut butter and jelly sandwich. However, with a bit of planning and motivation not to fall into that slump, it is easy to make lunch meals as exciting and different as dinners. For me, that has meant eating leftovers. However rather than eat the meal from the night before, I'll eat it a full 36 hours later and throw something different in between last night's dinner and today's lunch. So what is it I have eaten these past two weeks for lunch?

Unfortunately, we were out of town for 3 weekdays last week which meant eating out and breaking the challenge. I know, a bit of a fail. We tried really hard to eat healthy and in moderation despite being gone. In fact we went to Stew Leonards up in Norwalk, Connecticut (one of the coolest grocery stores I've been to), and picked up turkey and cranberry salad, edamame bean salad (a definite must-replicate), and a macaroni salad along with their store-made rice cakes. It wasn't the perfect solution but in the spirit of this challenge, it was close enough. For those of you who don't like the kitchen and are out of creative ideas for lunches, something like that from the grocery is better than running to the nearest deli or fast food restaurant on your lunch break and will save you a pretty penny in the long run.

That's that for the two week wrap-up of the Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge. What did you eat this week and last? Any creative lunch ideas? Check back next Tuesday for more updates on what lunch is like in the G household and remember to join the conversation on twitter using the hastag #brownbag.